Phone : +971 4 360 7338

Hopscotch Nursery is currently under renovation.

Registrations are open for September 2016. Please call 04 3607338.

Oakfield Early Learning Centre ( ) has taken over the management of Hopscotch Nursery as of the 1st of July, 2016.

The management is in the process of refurbishing Hopscotch extensively during the summer (July and August). This will include a completely refurbished outside play area, with safety flooring and high quality outdoor play equipment sourced from Europe.

The indoor spaces including classrooms and common activity areas are being redesigned and refurbished. We will be adding books, smart board and a listening area to the library. There will be a new Music and Movement Room and an Atelier (Art Room). The Gym will be refurbished with special flooring and equipment for the development of gross and fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

In line with Oakfield philosophy, Hopscotch will become an inclusive nursery with additional staff qualified in Special Educational Needs (SEN) and an achievement centre to assist in one-to-one interaction.
The baby and toddler areas will also be refurbished with appropriate resources and specialised flooring will be laid throughout the Nursery.

For Admission information and enquiries please call Oakfield on 04 3607338.

Veneet Mohan
Managing Director